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SSE Strapping Head

Samuel Packaging Systems Group has launched two new proprietary strapping heads. The cartridge-based design and innovative intelligent features make these products essential additions to Samuel’s strong core custom systems offerings.

With a truly independent approach to strapping equipment, Samuel invented next-generation technology to improve the experience and reliability of industrial strapping heads. Designed from scratch using new servo motor power, improved functionality, smart features, and user-friendly maintenance components, the SSE Series strapping head disrupts the current marketplace.


The SSE SERIES strapping heads tension up to 49 Feet Per Second, offering unparalleled strapping speed. Designed with durability in mind, each cartridge is made for rugged applications, using industrial grade motors, and heavy-duty machined metals.


Quick-Change Cartridge - Each main function is an individual cartridge, facilitating removal of Feed/Reverse, Tension and Sealing individually, taking less than 30 seconds, and weighing not more than 50 lbs. A central housing body allows each individual cartridge to slot in with precision and ease, ensuring they are positioned perfectly for reliable strap feeding, tensioning, and sealing. At a total weight of 136 lbs., the SSE SERIES strapping heads utilize a smaller footprint with better performance. The compact design provides more flexibility to package your product.


Servo Actuated - The head operates using three direct-drive servo motors, one in each cartridge. Servo motors eliminate the need for clutches, brakes, and timing adjustments often associated with strapping heads. Servo technology integrates directly with advanced IoT communication capabilities, highlighting predictive maintenance and can recommend optimal performance conditions.

SMART IoT INTEGRATION - The SSE SERIES 900 and 900XP cartridges communicate directly to the main PLC. Each cartridge identifies itself, providing an operating and maintenance record to simplify troubleshooting and plan for long-term maintenance. IoT can communicate valuable performance data to identify wear before it creates downtime.


Fewer Parts - Through focused engineering efforts, the SSE SERIES strapping heads have 30% fewer parts than what is currently in the market. Fewer parts provide more reliability with less complexity, reduced inventory, and simpler repair tasks.

Reduced Costs - With IoT integration standard, maintenance teams are empowered with important operating data and parameters, reducing downtime. The all-metal construction prolongs the life of each component well beyond competitive polymer parts.

For more information about our SSE Strapping Head please fill in the contact form and a Samuel Sales Representative will be in touch with your shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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