Pulp & Paper

Pulp and Paper Packaging Systems

Samuel Packaging Systems Group (PSG) supports a variety of paper related industries such as pulp, paper, print, graphics and cut (sheet & copy). Our expert consultants understand the nuances associated with heavy volume processors and the importance of maintaining production efficiencies via equipment uptime and maximum throughput resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership.

Whether you are unitizing pulp for shipment, converting roll stock to sheet or anything in between, Samuel PSG has the solutions to meet your most challenging packaging demands.


Samuel PSG supports both pulp and paper mills by offering custom fabricated solutions including retrofitting and/or replacement of existing equipment. Pulp mills utilize our engineering expertise to bale pulp blocks for shipments and paper mills utilize Samuel PSG for packaging of large paper rolls to prevent product damage during handling, shipping and storage.

Cut Paper, Graphics & Print (Copy & Sheet)

Samuel PSG specializes in supporting the cut paper, graphics and print industries by offering solutions ranging from standard items to fully customizable packaging systems. Our systems include plastic or steel strapping, stretch film, protective packaging and application equipment.

For more information on how we can help your paper industry grow, contact us today.