Market Segments


Smarter Packaging Solutions

Samuel Packaging Systems Group (PSG) is pleased to work with qualified distributors to extend the availability of our packaging products to businesses across North America. Our value-added solutions provide our distribution customers with the confidence they need to go out in the market place and supply their customers with quality packaging products.

Samuel PSG's extensive product line allows our distributors to fulfill any and all of their customer's packaging needs. We offer a one-stop shop that allows us to deliver multiple product lines in a single timely delivery. Our strategically placed warehouses allow for JIT (just-in-time) delivery across North America as we provide the knowledge needed to be cost-effective, strategic suppliers to you and your customers.

Samuel PSG also works in tandem with the distributor representatives to keep current and on top of market trends. Our industry insight and analysis helps distributors better serve customer's needs.

For more information on our packaging products, please contact us.