The Samuel Packaging Systems Group (PSG) is an expert on unitizer, bundler and stretch wrap equipment for the container industry. We understand the industry demands of this market and offer solutions to your production needs having served the container industry for over 25 years.

Samuel PSG offers a complete line of strapping and stretch film equipment to meet your application needs. We pride ourselves in product safety in both the operation and maintenance of your equipment. Our technical service teams and sales departments are available to support and consult with your equipment purchases, both during and after installation. Our products and systems are known for their efficient speed and durability allowing our equipment to have a lower total cost of ownership.

Can & Bottle

Samuel PSG understands the can & bottle industry and the importance of protecting loads throughout shipping, handling and storage. Our robust equipment offers fewer moving parts, increasing the durability and lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

Our proven heat seal technology has a 90% joint seal efficiency providing the best load securement available, thereby reducing product damage during transit. At Samuel PSG, we also provide engineering and fabrication capabilities for existing customer owned equipment and equipment needing modifications allowing for the use of Samuel PSG produced strap.

We are proud members of CMI (Can Manufacturers Institute).

Samuel Packaging Systems Group understands the importance of protecting loads during shipment.