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Strategic Supplier for the Environmental Services Market

Samuel Packaging Systems Group (PSG) offers a growing range of products and consumables designed to provide you efficient and cost effective solutions to your baled waste and recycling requirements. Many industries have converted to PET strapping with the help of Samuel Packaging Systems Group.

Samuel's Polyester Bale Tie System delivers 100% post-consumer PET strapping material in a safe and environmentally responsible bale tie system. Featuring rugged construction and all electric operation, our polyester bale tie system is adaptable to any two ram baler.

Samuel's latest offering to the recycling industry is our Gen2 PET Bale Tie System. A team of industry experts as well as extensive field testing has developed a system that offers the safety, reliability and cost savings our customers have asked for.


Serving all areas of the recycling and production areas:

  • Material Recovery Facility
  • Single Stream
  • Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Fiber
  • Garments and Carpet
  • Wire and Electronics
  • Among others


For detailed information about the Samuel Gen2 Pet Bale Tie System, please fill out the contact form or contact

Jim Scott: +1 331-201-7026 or