Technical Services

We know that new product launches can face delays, last-minute material scrambles and unexpected costs if they aren’t properly planned – and we’re here to help you avoid that. Our in-house metallurgist and technical services team would be happy to meet with your engineering group at the design stage to ensure your product launch goes smoothly. Together, we can determine the best and most cost-effective material solution for you.

How Can Our Technical Services Team Help?

If you are seeking product development support with light-weighting expertise, we can help you develop a stronger product line that meets the end use you have in mind. We can also provide guidance on which materials to use (and avoid).

Product development is a huge investment, so you want to get it right. By bringing in our technical services team we can help you navigate the process without wasting time and money on product development mishaps.

Automotive Lightweight Expertise

In an effort to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency, today’s vehicles are using increased quantities of aluminum and advanced high-strength steel. With our strategic focus on the automotive supply chain, Samuel is always prepared for the latest industry demands. We’re ready to deliver any automotive-grade metal you need, anywhere in North America, thanks to our industry-leading network of metal service centers across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, our JIT delivery programs and our ongoing investments in capacity.

Investing In The Industry

Samuel is always looking for the right ways to grow, and our recent expansion to Columbia, Tennessee is a great example. At this location we’re able to provide Samuel customers with a one-stop processing solution. Product can be railed to the facility, slit, lubricated, and blanked all at one location. This offers significant cost savings, more quality control and greatly improved freight and logistics for our customers – this is just one example of the superior service Samuel is known for.

Learn how Samuel can provide you with high-quality aluminum products at competitive pricing.