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Alloy Steel Bar

Alloy bars are most commonly hot rolled or hot rolled heat treated – and we certainly offer those. However, we also offer them in cold finished in case you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary.
If increased strength, toughness, wear resistance and fatigue resistance are top priorities for you, then alloy bars are the way to go. Some of their most common uses include: camshafts, axles, shafts, pistons, gears and bearings.

Cold Finished Bar

Cold finished steel bars are generally used for machined parts and shafting, however, exact uses vary by series type.

Those in the 1000 series would typically be used for: shafting, conveyors, furniture and display systems.

Those in the 11XX series are resulfurized steels designed for improved machinability, like gears, pinions, rotors and heavy duty threaded fasteners.

Finally, the 12XX series represents resulfurized and rephosphorized steels for screw machined parts, typically with high speed CNC machines. Common applications include: screws, nuts, hose couplings, connectors and small shafts.

Lead is added to 11XX and 12XX series steel, to improve machinability, they will become 11LXX or 12LXX.

Alloy Steel Bar

Hot Rolled Carbon

1045/1045H, Machines Straightened (ASTM A576/90 Fine Grain)

Hot Rolled Alloys

4140-4340 Annealed, Machine Straightened (ASTM A29/29M, A304, A322) 4140-4340 Quenched & Tempered, Machine Straightened, Stress Relieved (ASTM A29/29M, A322, A434 Class BC), 8620 Machine Straightened (ASTM A29/29M, A322

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Cold Finished Bar

General Purpose

C1018 (ASTM A108), C1045 (ASTM A108)

Machining Grades

C1215 (ASTM A108), C12L14 (ASTM A108), C1144 (ASTM A108), C-1144 Stress relieved (ASTM A311-Class B)

Samuel Locations (United States)

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