Market Solutions

Energy & Water

Whether your energy generation business falls into the fossil fuel, nuclear, solar or hydro-electric sectors, Samuel has specialized products and services designed to meet your needs.

We can help you:

  • Acquire the specific welded or welded-and-drawn tubes to meet your business’s unique requirements, regardless of whether you’re looking for stainless steel or high nickel grades
  • Design and build automation equipment for a range of applications, including high pressure leak testing of fracking tools, assembly of oil drilling components and robotic handling of large components related to your specific industry
  • Metal spin your components and help transform your rapid prototypes into easily-manufactured and scalable parts
  • Meet your packaging needs, whether you’re looking for steel, polypropylene or polyester strapping, specific packaging tools and equipment, or a custom-designed automated packaging system
  • Find highly-specialized pressure vessels, including those fit for the bio-fuel industry, solar cell production, landfill gas processing, industrial gas generation, wind-based energy storage, heat recovery, steam systems and condensation control
  • Fabricate and supply pressure vessels, piping and solutions for your next water storage and treatment application – regardless of whether it’s a residential, municipal, industrial, chemical or a mining application

For more information on how Samuel can help you with your energy & water business please contact us.