At Samuel, we continue to deliver on customer challenges as the needs and manufacturing capabilities for titanium continues to evolve. Ensuring quality through our technical expertise allows us to meet our customers’ most stringent requirements which has transformed us into a leader for titanium know-how.

Whether you are looking to the future and require titanium to fulfill your additive manufacturing needs or looking for metal spinning expertise, Samuel is your source for titanium excellence.

Burloak Technologies

From material science and process engineering to design optimization, precision manufacturing and part qualification, Burloak Technologies is propelling the adoption of additive manufacturing like no other. The future of end-to-end additive manufacturing begins with Burloak as we are investing to deliver leading in-house capability and capacity while always ensuring quality in everything we do.

For more information on how Burloak can meet your titanium additive needs, please contact us.

Metal Spinners

Metal Spinners is a leading metal-forming, manufacturing and service company devoted to providing our customers industry-leading metal spinning, hydroforming and other specialized metal-forming services.
We work with materials of almost any size and gauge, including titanium, and form a variety of shapes including panels, hemispheres, hoppers, venturis, cans, pans, and shells.

For more information on how Metal Spinners can meet your titanium forming needs, please contact us.

Our service centers are strategically located for cost-effective distribution, processing & just-in-time delivery.