From new, high-pressure safety and fuel economy regulations, to difficulties with cross-border metal accessibility the automotive industry is facing a number of unprecedented challenges. In addition to exploring lightweighting and advanced high-strength aluminum as possible solutions, automotive companies are also seeking partners who can bring more to the table than just distribution.

Our Automotive Solutions

Whether you are seeking metallurgical expertise for product development, looking for a tolling partner, or just need to Find Metals Fast, Samuel remains the number-one, trusted supplier for automotive solutions in North America, with a commitment to investing in the best equipment and technical resources.

Coil Processing Services

By partnering with domestic and international mills we’re able to bring the most advanced material developments and expertise to our customers. Our core and value-added processing services for the automotive industry include:

Value-Added Services

  • Oiling
  • Leveling
  • Cut-to-length
  • Annealing

Technical Services

At Samuel, we’re committed to working with you to find the best and most cost-effective material solution for your needs. Save yourself time and money by engaging our in-house metallurgist and other technical staff during the design phase of your next product launch.

Learn more about Technical Services.

Find Metal Fast

If you need to find metal fast for trials or spot buys we can help. Email Find Metal Fast to access our urgent response team.

Parts We Manufacture

End uses Samuel supports:

Air & Oil Filters
Airbags Module
Anti-roll Bars
Axle Parts
Brake Calipers
Brake Components & Discs
Bumper & Components
Clutch Components
Connecting Rods
Door Panels
Door Trim
Engines & Parts
Exhaust Systems & Parts
Exterior Trim
Fasterners & Fixings
Fuel Tank System
Handles & Latches
Heat Shielding
Inner Body Panel
Instrument Panel
Interior Trim
Oil Filter
Outer Body Panel
Piston & Rings
Pulleys (Engines & Engine Components)
Pumps (Brakes)
Seat Components
Seat Frames
Steering Mechanisms
Suspension Control Arms
Suspension System
Torque Converter
Trailer Hitch
Transmission & Parts
Underbody Panels
Wheel Components
Wheels & Trim
Window Regulators
Window-lift Mechanism


Why Work with Samuel?

Your One-Stop Partner

Working with Samuel means you get much more than an automotive distributor. We can also work with you as a tolling partner – offering everything from product development, slitting and pickling to blanking, packaging and logistics – and we can provide expertise in advanced high-strength and aluminum lightweighting. In short, Samuel is the one-stop partner who can deliver on all your automotive needs.

Strategically Located Where You Need Us

With a network of service centers (and mill relationships) that span the United States, Canada and Mexico, we can offer you supply chain stability wherever your manufacturing facilities are located. You’ll also save on logistics and shipping, while maintaining better control over your carrier and freight.

Reputation As A Quality Supplier

At Samuel, we have been serving the automotive market for a number of years, building up our automotive supply chain management expertise, offering unmatched customer service and developing a stellar reputation. We know that it’s important to be nimble, reactive, responsive and ever- adapting while simultaneously making capacity investments to strengthen our strategic supplier status and better support our valued customers.

For more information on our automotive services, get in touch with us.