We understand that open capacity is paramount in today’s aerospace market. Recognizing an unprecedented backlog, we are committed to making sure you meet your build rates and avoid costly penalties.

How We Serve this Market

Missouri Metals produces parts for 78 different aircraft platforms, for 45 different global aviation companies. With our broad range of OEM approvals, we can make parts for commercial and regional jets to helicopters and military jets.

We provide a number of core services for the aerospace industry including titanium hot forming, superplastic forming and hot brake forming. Our processes and open capacity allows us to accommodate quick turn-around times.

With a robust suite of core and value-added services, open (and growing) capacity, Samuel continues to invest in the best equipment and technical resources, as the number-one, trusted supplier for aerospace solutions in North America.

Customer Testimonials 

"We have been doing business with Missouri Metals for a little over a year, and the experience thus far has been absolutely remarkable. Missouri Metals is very much a customer focused company, and their pricing and delivery is second to none. We look forward to doing business with Missouri Metals for many years to come."

Victor Padilla, UTC Aerospace Systems

"Missouri Metals has been a partner with Korean Air Aerospace Division for the past years on the Boeing 787 program, our experience working with them has been very positive and beneficial. Their extensive background and experience in aerospace titanium hot formed work are really an asset to our company. Especially when it comes to program performance scorecard for on-time delivery with good quality parts, nobody can beat them in the aerospace industry.”

Korean Airlines Co. Ltd., Aerospace Division