We Are Automation - in Consumer Products

Systematix is your specialist for challenging problems in any field of consumer product complex assembly automation. We have decades of experience building machines and systems to assemble various products of almost any size. We will deliver innovative, customized automation solutions that guarantee a high level of intelligent, robust, dependable design, and integration.

The Systematix Advantage

Machine development occurs entirely in-house, utilizing our staff's many skills and years of industry experience. From prototyping and design straight through the build, we have got you covered. Our sales staff, applications specialists, engineers, designers, electricians, programmers, vision specialists, fabricators, and machine builders work hand in hand to achieve optimal results, often exceeding our customer's specifications. Depending on specific client requirements, environmental variables, and economic needs, systems can be partially or fully automated. Once completed and delivered, the new builds are installed to specified operation tolerances directly at the customer's site.

Industry 4.0

Systematix pays special attention to quality assurance and monitoring the entire development process. As a result, we create modern and sustainable solutions for the automation market. Continuous development, progressive thinking, interdisciplinary cooperation, and flexible, lean structures create the foundation for our innovative machines and systems to be ready for Industry 4.0. To achieve this end, we rely on implementation practices utilizing Quality Management, Smart Manufacturing, and Data-Driven Decisions. This allows us to plan, design, and build your products' best future.

Due to the proliferation of data generated by automated inspection systems and data intelligence interconnecting operation technology with the cloud—the time has never been better to introduce Al to your operation. Ask us how we can help you work smarter, not harder.

Assembly Capabilities

Automation expertise in building: 

  • Calibration and gauging systems
  • Systems in cleanrooms
  • Efficient packaging and labelling systems
  • High-precision, multi-component, discrete assemblies
  • High-speed dispensing and filling systems
  • Systems with multiple bonding technologies
  • Laser welding and marking systems
  • GAMP and ISO 9001:2015
  • Fully integrated, turnkey assembly systems
  • Micro-liquid dispense systems
  • Flexible part assembly systems
  • Asynchronous, indexing, and continuous motion
  • Linear servo platforms
  • High volume assemblies
  • Complex mechanical assemblies
  • Robotic assembly, including multiple robot integration
  • Robotic dial tending

Precise data collection specialization using:

- Automated vision integration
- Data collection systems
- High-speed video inspection
- Specialized testing and verification
- Vision defect and quality inspection

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