At Systematix we have many years experience working with IV bag products. From particle inspection, bag filling, printing, and pouching, we can solve all of your problems. We utilize robotic stackable sterilizer tray loading and robotic stackable truck unloading and bag orientation systems to streamline processes and optimize cycle run times. Using 3D imaging we can consistently orient IV bags for inspection from a randomized infeed. This allows for further automated downstream operations.


Environment Control

We have extensive experience with sub-component assembly (injection sites, recon, CAPD) as well as RF welding. As providers of environmentally capable design for controlled, wet, or particulate processes, we have onsite cleanroom dedicated space.


Flexibility & Accuracy

Using our MAVIX vision inspection software we are able to detect the presence of minute particulate matter in empty bag containers. This can be customized for different sizes and is scalable to need.