Automation Support for a Net-Zero Future

The Samuel Automation Solutions Group (ASG) is your partner for manufacturing automation solutions for alternative energy solutions. We offer complete turnkey solutions for manufacturing automation with innovative machines and systems designed to meet future production demands and address environmental pressures for a net-zero future. We have experience in the manufacturing automation of EV battery assembly and terminal cleaning, hydrogen fuel cell assembly, and solar cell assembly. In addition, with a focus on innovation, we offer proof of principle research and development production support to help you stay ahead of the manufacturing curve.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Assembly

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the planet, and with hydrogen fuel cells, we can convert it directly into power without any environmental impact. At the ASG, we offer complete custom turnkey solutions for hydrogen fuel cell assembly. From edge detection to the delicate pick and place handling of filament membranes, cell stacking, pressing, and mass flow detection, we can utilize our staff's skills and years of industry experience to build your next high-quality fuel cell production systems.

EV Battery Assembly and Terminal Cleaning

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to increase, so does the need for efficient and reliable EV battery assembly, testing, and production. At the ASG, we can offer complete turnkey solutions for EV battery assembly and plasma terminal cleaning.

Solar Manufacturing Solutions

Solar power is a key renewable energy source, and at the ASG, we offer complete turnkey solutions manufacturing solutions. Our advanced experience with complex assemblies ensures we can meet your challenges with experience, knowledge, and expertise. We pay special attention to quality assurance and monitoring the entire development process to create high-quality and sustainable solutions for the automation market.

The Samuel ASG Advantage

We pride ourselves on continuous development, progressive thinking, interdisciplinary cooperation, and flexible, lean structures. Our implementation practices utilize Quality Management, Smart Manufacturing, and Data-Driven Decisions to plan, design, and build your products' best future. In addition, our automation solutions rely on leading vision inspection systems to ensure quality, consistency, and efficient throughput for your manufacturing needs.

Our dedicated and passionate team of innovators utilizes skills in various areas to exceed customer requirements for every project. Trust the ASG for complete turnkey solutions and proof of principle research and development production support for your alternative energy solutions moving towards a net-zero future.


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