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Who We Are

As a division of the Samuel Automation Solutions Group, we are leaders at solving complex manufacturing problems; we design and build custom innovative automation systems with class-leading support before, during and after delivery. Serving the industries of Life Sciences, Transportation and, Consumer Products, we leverage experience partnering with our customers to bring their products to life.

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What we can do for you

We understand the industry's global challenges and the endless need for innovation in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We partner with our customers to overcome these constant challenges, and as a result, we offer solutions that work smarter, not harder, for your end goals. Systematix builds dependable automation solutions with multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities and deep application knowledge for the most challenging production issues. You can count on us.

Our History




Systematix began in 1988 from a spin-off of a company that made industrial fasteners to providing automation for the window and door industry.






1993 Cecil Bauman (Mechanical Designer) joined Steve Errey (Sales/Owner) as a partner, with ten employees. Three of the original employees still work at Systematix today.




In 1996 Systematix had its first overseas job in Thailand and by the late 90s, entered into the automotive and consumer products division while still maintaining a customer base in windows and doors. Over the 90s, we moved to a few locations on Colby Drive in North Waterloo.

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Moved into a 45000 square foot facility in 1999. 2009, Steve Errey retired from Systematix and Cecil Bauman took over as owner of the company.




Systematix moved into Health sciences automation in 2012. New COO Robert Lague joined in 2016. After using every square inch of the Frobisher facility, we decided to move to 815 Bridge Street West in 2018. (pictured right - 2013 25th anniversary on Frobisher Ave.)

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Renovation began at the newest Bridge St location. This facility was more than two times the size of the Frobisher location and allowed the space required to build even more complex large-scale systems.




Samuel, Son & Co acquired Systematix, and the Samuel Automation Solutions Group is formed with its new sister division CAID Automation.


Today and Looking to the Future

The division of Systematix Inc is part of the larger Samuel Automation Solutions Group, still located in Waterloo ON's technology corridor, while now working alongside the sister division CAID Automation in Tucson, AZ. Our automation solutions constantly evolve to include new technologies and innovations, providing our customers with outstanding technical turnkey solutions.

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