Why Samuel Steel Pickling?

Processes so different, they’re patented. We've designed and patented systems that reach higher standards of processing. Known and trusted in the industry for over 40 years.

Dedication to on-time delivery. We provide a suite of value-added services such as slitting, packaging and storage. By processing your materials in one convenient location, we can provide cost savings to our customers while ensuring the quality of service they’ve come to expect.

Commitment to quality and service. Our business has been built around servicing our customer. We continually strive to meet or exceed your expectations. With collaboration between processing and consulting, we provide you with exceptional quality and the latest technology.

Industry expertise as steel pickling operators and designers. With the advantage of in-depth knowledge in pickling technology, we are a supplier of choice for steel pickling services and equipment. We have created processes to supply stain-free finished material and have developed industry-leading scrubber and injection process technology. We have adapted our systems to handle material that other facilities and mills cannot. Our on-site slitter line and newly installed leveling system offer further competitive advantage to customers. We take pride on running our lines 24/7 to meet the demands of our customers.