Pickling is a process to “clean” metal surfaces of stains, contaminants, rust, or scale through a chemical reaction that the surface metal undergoes when passed through a pickling line. Depending on the grade of the material being pickled, and the surface condition of the metal, the speed of the strip may be adjusted to allow for more dwell time in the Hydrochloric Acid. Following the pickling process, most sheet steel undergoes an oiling process to protect the newly cleaned metal from oxidation.

We specialize in push-pull pickling, allowing us to process metals from 0.054” - 0.5”. In push-pull pickling, coils are individually fed through the pickling process section to the recoiling mandrill. The advantage of this process is that the bending imposed on the coil is minimal, allowing for the process of higher strength and heavier gauge steels; without the need to weld consecutive coils, a PPPL can process any grade of carbon steel, HSLA or Si steel in any order; and PPPL entry ends are designed to process “out of standard” hot rolled coils that may be collapsed, telescoped, or loosely wound.

Our processes supply stain-free finished material. We have adapted our systems to handle material that other facilities and mills cannot. Our on-site slitter line and newly installed leveling system offer further competitive advantage to customers. We take pride on running our lines 24/7 to meet the demands of our customers.

We offer a robust suite of value-added services, including in-line slitting and in-line side trimming.

Turbo Tunnel

Our hydrochloric acid pickling process, uses high velocity acid injection to attack scale. This configuration increases our pickling efficiency and ensures a cleaner pickled surface.

Stain-Free Rinse

Our sprayless rinse systems are designed to remove all acid residue without line stop staining.


  Cleveland, Ohio  Twinsburg, Ohio Stoney Creek, Ontario
Thickness .054" - .500" .054" - .500" .054" - .500"
Width Maximum

72" Nom at .375"

48" Nom at .500"

72" Nom at .375"

48" Nom at .500"

72" Nom at .375"

48" Nom at .500"

Width Maximum 18" 18" 18"
Incoming Coil Weight 69,000 lbs.


0 lbs.

80,000 lbs.
Finished Coil Weight

69,000 lbs. (24" ID)

50,000 lbs. (20" ID)

70,000 lbs. (24" ID)

50,000 lbs. (20" ID)

80,000 lbs. (24" ID)

50,000 lbs. (20" ID)

Incoming OD 36" min/94" max 32" min/96" max 32" min/96" max
Incoming ID 16" mm/33" max 20" min/33" max 18" min/30" max
Finished OD 82" max 82" max 80" max
Finished ID 20" or 24" 20" or 24" 20" or 24"


Value-Added Services

  Cleveland, Ohio  Twinsburg, Ohio Stoney Creek, Ontario
Roller Leveling .060 - .260 .060 - .260
Anti-Cross Break
Gauge Monitoring
Automated Surface Inspection & Reporting 
Pickle Dry
In-line Slitting
In-line Sidetrimming

Note: Automated Surface Inspection

This equipment performs a top and bottom inspection over the complete surface of each coil. The unit identifies and classifies all relevant surface defects and images which are then catalogued and mapped on every coil while providing a statistical overview of all defects recorded. Our inspection system will provide Samuel customers with 100% top and bottom surface inspection.

Various reports can be produced such as:

  • Full Defect Coil Map
  • Single Defect Coil Map
  • Single Defect with Photo
  • Coil Width Report


We specialize in pickling high carbon and high alloy grades of steel. We go above and beyond the specifications of other companies with a diverse and flexible range of capabilities. We are able to process a wide range of thicknesses, from .054” to .5” material.