Our packaging line compliments the pickling process, offering a value-added processing service in one convenient location, providing a freight advantage. Our packaging line is capable of custom packaging a 17,000 lb. slit coil. This line supports both our slitting and pickling line operations. Your product can be packaged in a stand-up position, up-ended onto skids or runners, and plastic wrapped if required. Quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction are our main objectives in providing these additional services.

Our Patented Processes


CoilTrac ™ 6000

Our software system shows the whole pickling process in real time, from inventory receipt and scheduling, to production, packaging, bar coding and shipping. It was designed with the help of our customers, who made sure it worked in the real world of steel processing and manufacturing.


  Samuel Steel Pickling - Cleveland, Ohio Samuel Steel Pickling - Twinsburg, Ohio Samuel Nelson Steel - Stoney Creek, Ontario
Finished Slit Width 8" min. 8" min. 2" min.
Min./Max. Weight 60,000 lbs. 60,000 lbs. 80,000 lbs. (standup only)
Coil ID 20' or 24" 20' or 24" 20' or 24"
Coil OD 82" max 82" max 30" to 80" on skid or runners
Max. Package Weight N/A N/A 17,000 lbs.
Max. Package Height N/A N/A 27" total (with skids or runners)
Paper Wrap
Plastic Wrap N/A N/A
Orientation Standup only Standup only Eye vertical or horizontal