Whether you are considering expanding the capacity of your pickling operation, or entirely new to the pickling industry, you are looking for expertise to help design a profitable pickling facility. With 45 years of experience operating, testing and building pickling lines and facilities, the Samuel Nelson Technology team can become your partners for success.

You may be wondering “How long does equipment last? What are the common operational issues that could arise? How do we budget for and design a facility?” We’ve completed over 45 push-pull pickling line installations, and we continually evolve our designs based on customer feedback. Come to us with the materials and volumes that you expect to process, and we'll help you determine:

  • Equipment design
  • Pickling facility design and layout
  • How much to budget for auxiliary equipment
  • How much manpower you'll require
  • Consumables and operating costs

Why Work with Samuel Nelson Technology?

As pickling line operators, our focus is to build high-quality, reliable pickling lines that run as efficiently as possible, reducing your costs. Working with us means that you will:

  • Connect with a responsive and flexible team, ready to answer your questions and cater to your requirements.
  • Have access to project management support and equipment specifications for the complete installation.
  • Get more realistic operating costs estimations.
  • Visit our facilities to see our equipment in operation.
  • Access consultancy services to improve process efficiency regarding acid and gas consumption, correct operational procedures, quality control and maintenance.
  • Gain access to experienced operators to provide interactive training for all aspects of operation and startup.