Our sales specialists are the masterminds behind introducing our values and capabilities to clients. Working closely with the Applications team ensures optimal solution creation for opportunities while properly distilling client requirements. In addition, sales act as a continued collaboration resource to our team during the design, build and installation process.



As a part of the sales team, it is the App team's responsibility to work collaboratively with sales, customers, and others to identify needs then transfer those into a successful solution in the form of a formal proposal complete with appropriate options as required.





The design team combines many skilled specialties such as mechanical, electrical, controls, and vision. Reviewing initial concepts with sales, project managers, and customers, these designers use an exacting skillset to create and develop CADs for custom automated equipment. The designers ensure seamless automation integration by participating in reviews, project updates, sourcing components, and working with programmers and build teams.


Project Management

Communication is central to Project Managers (PMs) as the pivotal connection between CAID Automation and customers. A dedicated manager follows each job through from kick-off to completion. PMs are leaders in collaboration responsible for project deliverables, including schedules, plans, budgets, machine manuals, and post-delivery service.


build team.png


Build & Integrate

Machine Technicians are responsible for the complete assembly, installation and validation of custom machine systems. Interacting with teams in various departments, such as electrical, fabrication and other trades, the builders ensure design intent and exceed customer expectations.



Even in an age of standardized parts, nothing beats the ability to create sturdy, innovative custom solutions. Traditional skills, mathematic precision, and machine mills allow these craftspersons to make anything a job requires. Working from detailed designs or in collaboration with builders' on-the-fly needs, the fabrication team makes everything from substructures to equipment mounts and custom parts.




Support Staff

No less important than any other workgroup, these employees are the glue that keeps all areas working smoothly. From Buyers to Shipping & Receiving, IT, Accounting, Social Committee Volunteers, Payroll, Marketing, and more, these many positions' varied skills and cross-communication are vital to the business's day-to-day and long term success.