Metal spinning is a process through which metal parts are formed using a combination of pressure and high-speed rotation. It can be done in two ways: by hand using fulcrum and lever techniques or by highly automated CNC-controlled spinning lathes, which improve cycle times, tolerances, surface conditions and cost. It is used to create axially symmetric parts such as cones and cylinders.

Material Thicknesses and Diameters

Wondering how thick we can spin? The maximum diameter of parts we can make? Thicknesses vary by material type. Check out this table for more details.

Diameter Aluminum Mild Steel Stainless
137.7" (3500mm) 0.394" (10mm) .315" (8mm) .236" (6mm)


Products We Make

  • Cones: We can produce various cone configurations, from 5” up to 120” in diameter. With our inventory of more than 25 CNC machines, there is no size or material we cannot tackle. From the most difficult configurations to the toughest abrasion-resistant materials, we can meet your engineering requirements.
  • Cylinders: We can produce rolled and welded cylinders up to 66” in diameter and 53” in width/height. Cylinders can be enhanced by adding flanges, spun features, reducing depth, applying holes, or notching.
  • Fan Panels: We can produce fan panels (curb caps) fan housings, venturis, fan orifices, exhaust fans and wall fans. Our fan panel stock tooling allows you to design, test and make changes around our standard tooling with little to no product development costs.

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    Standard Fan Panels

  • Heads: We can produce flanged and dished heads in gauges from .022” to ¼”. Our standard stock tooling allows you to design, test and go into production with no up-front costs.

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    Standard Flanged and Dished Heads

  • Hemispheres: We can produce hemisphere in gauges from .036” up to ¼” thick. Our stock tooling is available to all our existing and potential customers, but we also provide cost-effective tooling for your exact dimensional requirements.

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    Standard Hemisphere Sizes

Metal Spinning Processes We Use

  • CNC Metal Spinning: Computer controlled, tighter tolerances.
  • Manual Metal Spinning: Trained personnel required.
  • Panel Spinning: Standard stock tooling on many sizes.
  • Tube Spinning: Specialty forming for air control and electrical shielding devices.