At Kim-Tam Logistics, we pride ourselves on being one of the safest and most reliable steel trucking companies on the road. The reliability of our people and continuing adaptation to the changing needs of metal transport services is responsible for our steady and continuing growth. Learn more about what it means to work for us.

 Not just a number

Not just a number

At Kim-Tam Logistics, we value our employees. We believe in building relationships with every single member of the Samuel team. There are many opportunities here, and we want to help you find the one that’s right for you.

 Shifts you can count on

Shifts you can count on

We know that having consistent shifts and reliable hours is important to you – and something we’re proud to offer. This includes the ability to be home every night or weekend and driving familiar routes if that’s your preference.



We’re proud to offer our employees competitive wages and benefits, steady amounts of work and unmatched industry expertise that comes from more than 50 years of metal transportation experience.

Employee Testimonials

Kota Kinniburgh, owner operator, kim-tam logistics
windsor, ontario, canada

Coming to Kim-Tam Logistics was a big step for me. I came from another steel hauling company with many years of service there. I wanted to own my own truck there but was never able to achieve that. A lot of my friends came to Kim-Tam Logistics and they all own their own trucks. After months of back and forth calls with office staff, I knew it felt like the right step to take.

Coming to Kim-Tam was great. Everyone accepted me and made the transition easy. When I needed help, everyone was right there. After a few months [of working with Kim-Tam], I was able to finally achieve one of my dreams – buying my own truck. Having so many people and friends behind me within the company, I know I can achieve great things here. I look forward to many years with Kim-Tam and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Brett Bylsma
Hamilton, Ontario, canada

I have worked dozens of different jobs trying to find something that I enjoyed doing. My longest job was hauling fuel for five years but [the commute] didn’t agree with my family life and routines. That’s when I applied to Kim-Tam and was immediately welcomed on-board as a company driver. Driving for Kim-Tam was the first time in my career that most of the brokers didn’t complain a lot about wages, so I took the chance on purchasing my own tractor and haven’t looked back since. 

One thing that has always been true with both Samuel and Kim-Tam is when things get tough they are here to help. I have never worked for a company that will support all of their drivers, including brokers, and I am extremely proud to work for a top quality company that treats their people as people and not machines. I love this job and have absolutely no plans on leaving.

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Whether we’re supporting local charities or the global effort to create a greener tomorrow, the Samuel name is synonymous with making a better future for our communities. Over the last year, fundraising and community events included the Miracle Plane Pull, Trucking for Kids, Big Rig Truck Nationals, Paris Truck Convoy for Special Olympics, Trucking for a Cure, Santa Clause Parades and more.