CAID Industries, Inc. became an Arizona corporation in 1947. CAID was originally incorporated under the name T.A. Caid & Sons, Inc. and operated as such until April 1991 when CAID changed its name to T.A. Caid Industries, Inc. In 2007, changed its name to CAID Industries, Inc. Samuel, Son & Co. acquired CAID Industries in 2018, moving Samuel into new market segments and adding advanced capabilities within its manufacturing group of companies.

CAID solves and delivers products and services for the complex challenges and requirements of our customers by using our vertical integration offering of services (Engineering, Design, Automation, Technology, Manufacturing, Precision Machining, Integration and Maintenance Services). The staff includes in-house registered engineers, project managers and design detailers that oversee all projects. CAID has managed the design, detailing, fabrication, and installation of projects in excess of $15 million.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, CAID’s facilities include 25 acres of fenced-in yard and over 230,000 square feet of office and production facilities. Since 1947 CAID has forged a leadership role in the metal fabrication industry in the Southwest. Today, our company’s experience and reputation reach as far as Europe, South America and beyond.


CAID Industries has a number of certifications and endorsements, ensuring trust in our customers.
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At CAID Industries we have the expertise, experience, and facilities to make your project a success. Over years, we have continually expanded our campus to be able to handle the most demanding and complex projects.
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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in innovation, technology and a manufacturer of product based solutions that enable our customers’ success.
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At CAID Industries, we value our customers and believe that every piece of metal that leaves our shop directly reflects our high standards of workmanship and quality.
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