Leveraging our expertise in high-definition door skin design and stamping, we are pleased to offer custom processing of light gauge, critical surface metals. At Samuel Stamping Technologies, no set-up is too small for our processing lines. We specialize in fulfilling orders where flatness is critical and tight tolerances are required.

We work with architects and engineers to develop custom designs and to streamline costs using our in-line metal processing capabilities. Our wide range of patented (or patent-pending) dyes make it fast and easy to stamp and emboss wood grain, directional stucco and fingerprint-resistant super seville patterns onto various types of metal.

We are committed to producing superior flat sheet, which requires investing in the right equipment and developing the best team of operators in the industry. At our Hermitage, PA location, we are equipped with Herr-Voss corrective levelers, precision edge trimming and interchangeable dyes. We package all material to meet the specifications of our customers, and we build each skid of materials to order.

Specializing in tight tolerances and flatness-critical orders, Samuel Stamping Technologies uses a 60'' cut line/leveler, an air flotation stacker, and precision side trimmers. We can also apply protective vinyl on our CTL line and we stock standard widths of selected vinyl. We can also apply a custom product if desired.

Our 48'' slitter is equipped with a state-of-the-art tension stand, looping pit and outboard bearing support. We’re also pleased to share that our driven-head slitter requires no paper-interleaf upon recoiling.

Samuel Locations that offer Door Skin Stamping (United States):

  • Hermitage, PA
  • Lancaster, NY

Samuel Locations that offer Door Skin Stamping (Canada): 

  • Surrey, BC