Past Present and Future

We recently finished a social project involving the collaboration of many long-time members of the Systematix team, pulling resources together to celebrate the journey through the last 32 years.

Where to start? How about from the beginning? Let's go!

finished timeline.png

Systematix had its humble start in 1988 with a group of eager like-minded individuals with a vision of making the manufacturing world better. 

side view.jpeg

The timeline project initially suggested by an employee is a way to celebrate the work completed over the years and a fantastic way to catalog some of the social events and special occasions. Over the last week, it has become a popular spot for employees to gather safely on the way through to see the faces of old friends and talk about some of the memorable machines built. In the years to come, we look forward to growing the timeline even further. 

For a closer look at each of the timeline, boards visit our Instagram where they will be posted.

social distance banner.png

At the unveiling of the timeline last week, we had our first company meeting in over a year. With the unique ability to safely social distance, we gathered for exciting news about the future of Systematix.

Baumans say good bye.png

Cecil and Ruth Anne Bauman took this opportunity to inform employees this would be the last time they would be meeting as the owners of Systematix. After much thought and planning, they are ready to enjoy their retirement. 

Colin Osborne Robert Lague.png

Composite: Samuel Son, & Co CEO Colin Osborne (left) and Systematix President Robert Lague (Right)

Enter Samuel Son & Co, the new owners of Systematix, in a well-planned and researched acquisition. Samuel CEO: Colin Osborne and Systematix President: Robert Lague introduced the path forward. Systematix will join CAID Automation (Tucson, AZ) to form the new Automation Solutions Group (ASG) within Samuel. This new group has a combined 145,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Tucson, Arizona, USA, and Hermosillo, Mexico. With 150 highly skilled employees, this acquisition will establish Samuel ASG as a premier North American automation solution provider.

The brand names of both Systematix & CAID will continue and our business model will leverage each other’s strengths to maximize customer service and provide an expanded coverage offering.

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Even with restrictions and protocols of COVID closely followed, the energy in the air amongst all in attendance was undeniable. Finally, the meeting ended with employees directed to exit the manufacturing floor following an orderly marked distanced path. On exit, everyone picked up individually packed Swiss Chalet dinners to take back and enjoy at their workstations safely. 

Group talking.png

We will continue to keep you posted on our plans for the integration of our companies and how Samuel ASG will benefit you. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to continuing the serve your needs.

Contact the sales team now to find out more about our new responsive offerings to your complex and timely needs. Bookmark us and check back for updates in the weeks ahead.