Manufacturing Automation's Top 10 Under 40

The Samuel Automation Solutions Group is proud to announce two of this year's winners, Tim Weber and Ryan Terpstra, work at Systematix Inc, our Waterloo facility. Congratulations to all the industry's future leaders that were honoured this year, a fantastic selection of innovators.

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Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 1.27.45 PM.pngThanks to the Samuel ASG - Systematix Division - Health and Safety committee for sponsoring this great summer's day event.

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A part of the company for six years, Tim Weber joined Systematix’s fabrication team in 2016. With his drive to learn and grow, he became a general machinist apprentice in the following year. After receiving his general machinist license, Tim went on to complete the MTBI apprenticeship at Conestoga College. He received his MTBI license in 2021. Now a Level 1 machine tool builder and integrator, Tim is an asset to any build team that he works with, says the Systematix team. In 2021, Tim volunteered with the local school that he graduated from, teaching a class in machining. To ensure that Tim was able to inspire the next generation of machinists and builders Systematix gave Tim half a day off every Monday for teaching. “I am most passionate about building high quality machines that are robust and visually attractive. I am proud of the machines that I build; proud that they solve our customers challenges,” shares Tim. He adds, “I want to continue to learn from others how best to approach building machines. Eventually, I want to be a leader of the build team. I have always enjoyed showing new machine builders to Systematix and apprentices how to build machines. I had the opportunity last Fall to teach a machining class at my old high school and really enjoyed introducing concepts to the students. I think my biggest impact to growing the automation industry is by mentoring new builders.”

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His great attitude makes it easy for build team members and customers to work with him. His ability to solve problems and come up with innovative solutions, make him a key member of the controls team at Systematix, according to his colleagues Octavio Gonzalez and Erin Montag. Ryan says, “I enjoy working on the floor where the action is; and seeing it all come together is exciting. Watching my offline logic come to life and developing unique solutions to unexpected issues is something I can immerse myself in and before I know it the day is gone.”

He adds, “In the future I would like to be in a position where I can make decisions that have a broad-er and more significant impact, perhaps outside of the scope of controls. New technology allows for innovative new solutions to existing problems and therefore can help the industry expand into markets it previously could not.”


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