Why should you go with an experienced metal consultant? We’ll tell you.

Navigating the world of metal procurement is no easy feat. Figuring out which material is best-suited to a specific application, or knowing when it’s okay to go with a lower-quality product at a lower price, takes years of training.

Fortunately, with Samuel, you don’t have to go through this process alone. That’s because our experienced professionals aren’t just suppliers—they’re consultants, too.

What advantages does a knowledgeable, competent, and dedicated team bring to the table?  

Make educated decisions

Whatever challenge you’re facing, you can rest assured we’ve been there before. Because of this, we’re well-positioned to offer suggestions and second opinions to any of your metal purchasing challenges. Think of us as a qualified sounding board, poised and ready to offer advice, whenever you need it.

Curb costly issues before they occur

With a diverse array of metal experts on staff, we leverage that specialized knowledge to proactively identify and resolve issues before they arise. For instance, by asking the right questions about a specific application—and delving beyond the specs—we can recommend quality products that are best-suited to your needs. Similarly, we can help you avoid costly issues associated with excess inventory, by making sure you order the right amount of materials the first time.

Gain access to a fresh set of eyes

When you’ve been manufacturing the same product for years, it can be tempting to do things as they’ve always been done—but, in the process, you could unknowingly be leaving money on the table. By calling in an experienced external partner, you can leverage new technologies, products and even delivery schedules that can end up helping you save time and money.

For instance, at Samuel, we specialize in helping companies spot their purchasing patterns, weigh the difference between price and cost, and time the market effectively, which can make it easier to bundle your metal purchases. We can also help you obtain a clear view of your entire supply chain and identify waste throughout.

Focus on what you do best

You have enough on your plate—and, in all likelihood, you don’t have time to research all the different metals and pricing options at your disposal. At Samuel, our Service Centers have all the materials and metal services in one place, as well as an experienced team that’s more than happy to take over a few tasks for you.

Whether you’re looking for additional support for your internal procurement team, or simply searching for a trustworthy metal supplier to help you navigate the materials universe, Samuel Service Centers can help. Contact us today to find out what advantages we offer your particular business.