Mind the gap: How outsourcing can strengthen your custom plate fabrication business

Winning business as a custom plate fabricator isn’t easy. In this highly competitive industry, you not only have to offer the fastest assembly and lowest cost, but you need the ability to accommodate a wide variety of projects.


The bidding process can be challenging for a host of reasons—mostly because one company can’t be everything to every project. Perhaps you don’t have all the requirements to effectively complete a project in-house, or maybe you’re facing capacity constraints. A customer may be demanding a faster-than-average turnaround time, or the project may introduce complex logistical challenges.


In situations like these, you don’t have to turn business away. Winning these types of bids is still possible if you’re willing to rely on external support. You can do this by outsourcing various tasks, as-needed, to various different vendors—which can pose a logistical headache in and of itself—or find one tried-and-true partner that can you call on, for anything, when needed.


How Samuel helps

At Samuel, our aim is to become an extension of your internal manufacturing team. We work diligently to deliver your metal on time; recommend the best (and lowest cost) materials; meet your rolling, beveling and polishing needs; and help you win more jobs.


Because we recognize every bid is truly a custom project, we bring fresh ideas to each request. We’ll look at a project’s drawings, consider your procurement systems and make economical suggestions to help you submit the most appealing bid.


These suggestions can encompass virtually anything. For instance, if you’re bidding on a pharmaceutical project that requires a polished vessel for liquid or chemical containment, we can deliver already-polished custom plates. Or if a customer is asking for a plate in an expensive width, we’ll look at the drawings to see if there are a range of alternative widths that will allow you to save money.


Recently, for instance, we worked directly with a fabricator’s client—an engineering firm—to build a large tank on-site. We pored through the customer’s drawings and determined plate sizes, manufacturing processes and logistics before delivering fully formed and beveled shell courses (along with custom cut roof and floor section plates) straight to the job site.


Strengthen your business

Thanks to the far-reaching resources of the Samuel Stack, we can provide our custom fabrication clients with the support they need to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace, strengthen their reputations and grow their business.


To learn more about how Samuel can support your custom plate fabrication business, contact us.