Markets & Applications

Roads & Highway

Transportation needs come in many forms and at Samuel Roll Form Group, we have experts in various aspects of the transportation industry. At Samuel Roll Form Group, we specialize in longer, stronger and heavy-gauge roll formed products that are not available anywhere else. Whether it’s from marine to trucking to rail, we have all of your transportation manufacturing needs covered.


The environment around us is constantly changing, and we need to make sure that we are prepared with the proper products in order to adapt to any environmental change such as corrosion - the destructive attack of a metal by chemical or electro-chemical reaction with its environment.

Groundwork and Soil Retention

Landslides and falling debris can cause major hazards to both people and structures. Samuel Roll Form Group provides H-piles for beam and lagging walls as well as hot rolled and cold rolled sheet piling for shoring and retaining walls.

Ports and Waterways

At Samuel Roll Form Group, we know the structural components that we manufacture must endure the most demanding environments and stand the forces of nature such as concentrated salt-water environments and large variations of water elevation. Our sheet piling products are carefully designed to withstand any strong environmental forces.

Storm and Levy Protection

Sheet Piling is often used to create a safe work environment during the construction or repair of levies that have been damaged by hurricanes, floods, or erosion. Samuel Roll Form Group offers a variety of hot and cold rolled options to keep any levy construction site safe.

Water and Sewers

Samuel Roll Form Group provides an extensive line of sheet piling for both permanent and temporary applications where shoring is required for structural or safety purposes. Contact your local Samuel Roll Form Group Sales office to receive a quote today.


A strong foundation is essential to any construction project. Samuel Roll Form Group offers engineering expertise, a knowledgeable sales staff, and a full line of piling products that include sheet piling, H-piling, and pipe piling that will satisfy the foundational needs of your next project.