Strategic Supplier in Agriculture

In the agricultural industry, it is important to work with a company that has the knowledge and capabilities to keep you competitive and successful within this market. Samuel Packaging Systems Group (PSG) has experts in cotton, hay, tomato paste and many more agricultural applications available to our customers, making us a leader in these industries.

Samuel PSG partners with other industry leaders to provide the best services possible. This allows us to have a presence in these highly competitive markets. We offer year-round service and support to our clients setting us apart from the competition. At Samuel, we also provide training, site analysis and the highest quality materials to use in your application.

Protective Packaging Systems For Cotton and Synthetic Fibers

Our protective packaging systems for cotton and synthetic fiber are designed to prevent contamination and product damage during handling, shipping and storage. These packaging systems consist of fully automatic plastic strapping machines and labour-saving bale bag application systems. These high speed, time tested, best in class systems have proven to be both reliable, durable and are adaptable to any fiber baling press. Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering capabilities are dedicated to providing our customers with the best support in the industry.


Samuel PSG has quickly made a name for itself in the hay industry bringing superior quality and service to our customers quickly and effectively. In an industry where customers cannot afford delays or strap failures, Samuel is your reliable supplier that will always get the job done right and on time.
We understand how important labeling your product is; therefore, we offer state of the art printing that will not wear or fade. We produce a sheet line low elongation polypropylene that has up to a 10% better seal quality versus other competitor's product. We also partner with a baling machine manufacturer's in order to supply state of the art technology within the market.

Tomato Paste

When it comes to the tomato paste industry, Samuel PSG provides year-round service and support to all of our customers which is unprecedented in this industry and cannot be found from other suppliers. We also offer industry leading training for both operators and tool repair technicians.
Samuel PSG manufactures both high-quality steel and polyester strap that will operate on all packaging systems and inventory is stored locally to prevent any downtime.