Tucson, Arizona, USA,

Tucson-based CAID Automation, a subsidiary of Samuel, Son & Co., is pleased to announce its participation in a new project that will help combat COVID-19.

CAID Automation will be providing a diagnostics manufacturing company with several fully automated assembly lines.

The diagnostics manufacturer needed an automation company that could quickly deploy resources to finish these lines ahead of the next flu season. CAID Automation put together an innovative plan to provide the technical resources and meet the delivery requirements.

This is not the first time that CAID Automation has helped manufacturers rapidly come to market with COVID-19-related products. Back in March, CAID Automation supported a large medical device manufacturing company by building two assembly lines in just seven weeks. Each assembly line consisted of seven stations, each of which could include operators.

CAID Automation designs, builds and integrates custom automatic robotic systems for component assembly, testing, inspection and packaging. CAID Automation’s main market is the medical industry, but their unique solutions, which can include everything from conveyors and rotary tables to automatic part feeders, robots, vision systems, and adhesive dispensers can benefit companies of any kind.