Antes de la llegada del bombillo de luz y los automóviles, estaba Samuel, Son & Co. Iniciada por dos hermanos en 1.855 y aún hoy, propiedad de la familia Samuel, la compañía ha forjado un largo camino para convertirse en un líder de la industria metalúrgica.





Before the advent of the light bulb and automobiles, there was Samuel, Son & Co. Started by two brothers in 1855 and still owned by the Samuel family today, the company has forged a long road into becoming a leader in the metals industry.




  • 1855

    Brothers Mark and Lewis Samuel open M & L Samuel, a hardware and metals import/ export business in downtown Toronto, Canada. They set up operations in a narrow corner building known as "The Coffin Block". Toronto’s famous Flatiron Building stands in this location today.

    • Lewis Samuel
      Lewis Samuel
    • Construcción de bloques de ataúdes en Toronto
      Construcción de bloques de ataúdes en Toronto
    • Factura original de 1892
      Factura original de 1892
    • Registros financieros históricos
      Registros financieros históricos
  • 1912

    Sigmund Samuel, Lewis Samuel’s son, becomes the company’s president.

    • Samuel & Benjamin Steel Almacén
      Samuel & Benjamin Steel Almacén
  • 1935

    The company is renamed to Samuel, Son & Co., Limited when Sigmund Samuel becomes the company's sole owner. 

    • Sigmund Samuel
      Sigmund Samuel
  • 1953

    Ernest Samuel, who would go on to become the fourth-generation owner, joins the company, working closely with his grandfather, Sigmund Samuel.

    • Ernest Samuel
      Ernest Samuel
  • 1955

    Samuel celebrates its 100th anniversary and is recognized by the City of Toronto for its contributions to the industrial strength of the region. 

    • Carta original de la ciudad de Toronto
      Carta original de la ciudad de Toronto
  • 1956

    The first Samuel branch outside of Toronto opens in Montreal.

    • Edificio Samuel original en Montreal
      Edificio Samuel original en Montreal
  • 1960

    The City of Toronto expropriates Samuel’s Fleet Street location to build the Gardiner Expressway. Samuel sees the development opportunities just west of Toronto and builds its new headquarters in Mississauga.

    • Nueva instalación de Mississauga alrededor de 1980
      Nueva instalación de Mississauga alrededor de 1980
    • Publicidad de prensa original del nuevo call center
      Publicidad de prensa original del nuevo call center
    • Invitación original a la Casa Abierta
      Invitación original a la Casa Abierta
  • 1962

    Sigmund Samuel passes away. He is revered for his 73 years of service to the company and his many philanthropic accomplishments. Sigmund successfully developed the business into a multi-million-dollar operation. Sigmund's grandson, Ernest Samuel, becomes president of the company. 

    • Carta original de la ROM que reconoce las contribuciones filantrópicas de Sigmund Samuel
      Carta original de la ROM que reconoce las contribuciones filantrópicas de Sigmund Samuel
  • 1963

    Sigmund Samuel's autobiography, "In Return", is published. Among other things, the book details his life, the development of the business and his philanthropic contributions. 

    • Autobiografía de Sigmund Samuel, "A cambio".
      Autobiografía de Sigmund Samuel, "A cambio".
  • 1963

    Samuel creates a packaging division, which manufactures a broad range of steel strapping, hand tools, and unitizing equipment. Today, Samuel Packaging Systems Group has grown into one of the company’s largest businesses

    • United Steel Strapping
      United Steel Strapping
    • Contrato original de adquisición de United Steel Strapping
      Contrato original de adquisición de United Steel Strapping
  • 1964

    Kim-Tam Logistics is created as an in-house trucking division to efficiently handle shipments of the company’s rapidly growing metal processing orders. Its name combines those of Ernest Samuel’s two daughters, Kim and Tammy.

    • Imagen histórica de la flota de Kim-Tam
      Imagen histórica de la flota de Kim-Tam
    • Nuevo camión Tesla
      Nuevo camión Tesla
  • 1966

    The company issues its first official employee newsletter, The Torch. Today, The Torch remains synonymous with company news as the name of Samuel's intranet. 

  • 1968

    Sam-Son Farms is founded by Ernest Samuel following the historic gold medal won by his champion, Canadian Club, at the Mexico City Olympic Games. Sam-Son Farms goes on to become one of North America’s pre-eminent thoroughbred racing and breeding operations. More than 44 champions, including Hall of Fame inductees, Dance Smartly and Chief Bearhart, carried Sam-Son’s iconic red and gold silks to victories in Canada and the United States, including the Queen’s Plate and Breeders’ Cup.

    As President of Sam-Son Farms from 2000 through 2008, Tammy Samuel-Balaz perpetuated the legacy established by her father.

    • Club Canadiense en los Juegos Olímpicos de México
      Club Canadiense en los Juegos Olímpicos de México
    • Como presidenta de Sam-Son Farms desde 2000 hasta 2008, Tammy Samuel-Balaz perpetuó el legado establecido por su padre.
      Como presidenta de Sam-Son Farms desde 2000 hasta 2008, Tammy Samuel-Balaz perpetuó el legado establecido por su padre.
  • 1985

    The company combines its three manufacturing divisions into Samuel Manu-Tech Inc., which becomes a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol SMT. After a quarter century of further expansion, Samuel Manu-Tech would again become a wholly owned subsidiary of Samuel, Son & Co., Limited in 2010.

  • 1993

    "The Samuel Way" is unveiled as a program to orient "employees to the way we believe people should be treated and how the business should be run." These principles guide Samuel’s operations to this day.

    • The Samuel Way
      The Samuel Way
    • The Samuel Way
      The Samuel Way
  • 1993

    The Samuel Family Foundation is established as the philanthropic arm of Samuel, Son & Co., Limited. The Foundation’s mandate includes poverty eradication, human rights, climate change, youth and older people’s empowerment, and universal design.

  • 1999

    Samuel completes a decade of rapid growth across Canada and the US, more than quadrupling revenue and locations since 1990.

  • 2000

    Ernest Samuel passes away after building the business for more than 40 years. Under Mr. Samuel’s leadership, the company grew from a two-branch operation, with less than $5 million in sales, to one of North America’s largest steel processing and manufacturing operations. Ernest’s wife, Elizabeth Samuel, becomes Chair of the Board of Directors and Wayne Bassett continues as President and CEO.

  • 2005

    The company turns 150 and marks the occasion with several celebrations. Customers, suppliers and employees receive a commemorative coin bearing the likenesses of Ernest and Sigmund Samuel, along with an inscription reading, “A proud history and a strong future ahead.”

  • 2006

    Ernest and Elizabeth’s son, Mark Samuel, is named the company’s Chairman of the Board, becoming the fifth generation of the Samuel family to lead the business.

    • Mark Samuel
      Mark Samuel
  • 2006

    Tubos Samuel de Mexico is established, representing the company’s first move into Mexico. The facility is expanded several times, with the most recent project completed in 2020.

  • 2008

    Elizabeth Samuel passes away. The newly renovated Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) honours her life and work with its rooftop “Liza’s Garden” a year later. In addition to being Samuel’s Board Chair for many years, Liza Samuel served the ROM in many capacities, along with several other philanthropic organizations.

  • 2013

    After nearly four decades of service to the company, including 13 years as CEO, Wayne Bassett retires. Wayne led Samuel’s rapid expansion, including several acquisitions throughout North America. Bill Chisholm is appointed the company’s new CEO.

    • Wayne Bassett
      Wayne Bassett
    • Bill Chisholm
      Bill Chisholm
  • 2016

    Ribbon cutting ceremony in Columbia, TN attended by (from L to R), Local official, Bill Chisholm, local official, Mark Samuel, Rick Balaz. 

    A new 200,000 square foot facility is opened in Columbia, Tennessee.

  • 2017

    Samuel announces the acquisition of Burloak Technologies, a leader in additive manufacturing, establishing a leadership position in an emerging technology that will enhance Samuel’s ability to support and partner with customers. A year later, Burloak Technologies opens its state-of-the-art Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Oakville.

  • 2017

    The Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness is founded with a mandate to build social connectedness within and between communities through partnerships, research, programming, learning initiatives and advocacy. The Centre is aligned and works closely with the Samuel Family Foundation to advance research and programmatic efforts with strategic partners.

    • Kim Samuel
      Kim Samuel
  • 2018

    The company rapidly expands its manufacturing capabilities, acquiring several new businesses, including Sierra Aluminum, a leader in the aluminum extrusions industry and CAID Industries, a provider of fabrication and precision machining services.

  • 2019

    Bill Chisholm retires as Samuel’s CEO. Under Bill’s leadership, the company invested to modernize, to further diversify its operations, and to prioritize safety across the business. Colin Osborne is named Samuel’s new President and CEO.

    The company announces the retirement of Mark Samuel as Chairman of the Board following 33 years of service to the company. During his tenure, Samuel grew from $1.5 billion to more than $4 billion in revenue. John Caldwell succeeds him as the first non-family Board Chair in the company’s history.

  • 2020

    After calling Mississauga, Ontario home since 1960, Samuel moves to nearby Oakville, Ontario. This is only the fifth head office location in the company's long history. 

  • 2020

    Samuel establishes Automation Systems Group following its acquisition of Systematix. Continuing to invest in advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies will continue to position Samuel for long-term sustainable growth.

    Automated systems are used in a range of end markets.

  • 2021

    Samuel introduces a refreshed mission, vision and values that clearly outlines how team members will work together to deliver value to all stakeholders and outcomes that ensure the company’s long- term sustainability.

    • Values
  • 2022

    Samuel receives “Best Managed Companies” award, which recognizes excellence in privately owned companies across a number of categories, including financial performance, strategy, culture, capabilities and innovation.

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