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Steel Bar Tube at Samuel

​​Steel Bar & ERW Tubing​​​​

Samuel, Son & Co. is one of the largest processors and distributors of Steel Bar and ERW Tubing products in North America, with facilities located coast to coast. We stock one of the most extensive inventories in the industry. Please contact us for more details.

Alloy Steel Bar

Alloy bars are more commonly used in the hot rolled​ or hot rolled heat treated condition but are available in cold finished. 

Alloy bars are used when increased strength, toughness, wear resistance and fatigue resistance are required. Typical applications would be camshafts, axles, shafts, pistons, gears and bearings.

Hot Rolled Carbon

​1045/1045H, Machines Straightened (ASTM A576/90 Fine Grain)

​Hot Rolled Alloys

​4140-4340 Annealed, Machine Straightened (ASTM A29/29M, A304, A322) 4140-4340 Quenched & Tempered, Machine Straightened, Stress Relieved (ASTM A29/29M, A322, A434 Class BC), 8620 Machine Straightened (ASTM A29/29M, A322

Cold Finished Bar

Cold finished steel bars are generally used for machined parts and shafting. The advantages of cold finished bars are:

  1. Higher Yield & Tensile Strength
  2. Smoother Surface & Closer Tolerances
  3. Improved Straightness
  4. Improved Machinability 

Typical applications for cold finished carbon bars in the 1000 series would be: shafting, conveyors, furniture and display systems. 

The 1100 series would be used for parts requiring extra strength and enhanced machinability. Typical applications would include gears, pinions, rotors and heavy duty threaded fasteners. 

The 1200 series would be used for screw machined parts typically with high speed CNC machines. Typical applications would be screws, nuts, hose couplings, connectors and small shafts.

General Purpose

​C1018 (ASTM A108), C1045 (ASTM A108)

​Machining Grades

​C1215 (ASTM A108), C12L14 (ASTM A108), C1144 (ASTM A108), C-1144 Stress relieved (ASTM A311-Class B)

Electric Resistance Welded Tube/"ERW" Tube

Major applications would be the furniture, display systems, fitness, healthcare and automotive industries. Welded tube is available in round, square, rectangular, and oval, as well as special profiles. The product can be painted, chrome plated, punched, slotted, bent and flattened.  

Grade & Specification

​C1008-C1010 (ASTM A513), Type 1, "As Welded" Hot Rolled (P & O), Type 2, "As Welded" Cold Rolled