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Steel Plate processing at Samuel facility

Plate Processing

​​Samuel plate products are processed to meet your specific requirement. We are capable of processing any size carbon plate rolled in North America. with thickness up to 20", widths ranging from 48" to 264", and lengths ranging from 96" to 888". Samuel also uses technologically advanced, computer controlled oxyfuel plasma burning machines and state-of-the-art nesting programs ensuring efficient, cost effective use of plate. 

Carbon and stainless plate can also be supplied bevelled. Stainless plate can be slit and edged, water jet and laser cut as well. Close tolerance saw cutting services are available for stainless and aluminum plate including rings and circles cut to your specification.


  • Computer controlled oxyfuel plasma burning machines, linked to advanced auto-CAD drafting system
  • A state of the art nesting program
  • Profile Burning up to 20" thickness on carbon plate
  • Plasma Burning to 6" thickness on stainless steel plate

Edge & Surface

  • Beveled edges & plate polishing

Laser Cutting

  • High-power laser cutting for a superior surface finish

Other Cutting Methods

  • Plasma cutting, water jet, laser cut machine parts

Plate Edge Bevelling

  • Utilizing power bevelling head on burning machines
  • Mechanical bevelling up to 2" maximum thickness and 1" removal 25°/ 55° bevel

Saw Cutting

  • Plate, squares, rectangles, circles, r​ings cut to specification