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Image of roll formed steel by Samuel

​​​​Samuel Roll Form Group

Innovative Structural Components

Samuel Roll Form Group, part of the family of Samuel companies, is a leading supplier of cold-formed and hot-rolled steel components and value-added services to industries across North America. 

With a heritage that includes CMRM (Canadian Metal Rolling Mills), Omega Joists, Piling Products and Stanrail, Samuel Roll Form Group has grown through experience and strategic acquisitions to become a leading supplier to industries such as heavy construction, rail, marine & infrastructure. 

Whether you need standard or custom products, Samuel is focused on serving customers who are looking for a strategic supplier relationship. Investing in industry-specific forming equipment and offering value-added capabilities, Samuel ensures our customers improve their business efficiencies by limiting the need for secondary operations. 

Offering manufacturing and fabrication in both Canada and the United States, and with inventory available from several strategically-located facilities, Samuel Roll Form Group offers cost-effective and efficient service to our customers.

At a glance:


  • Railcar components & accessories
  • Cold-formed & hot-rolled steel sheet piling
  • Custom forming & fabrications
  • Samson Strong Floors
  • Highway guardrails / guiderails


Heavy Construction

We are a major North American producer/supplier of cold-formed steel sheet piling sections for use in bridges, highways, slope stabilization, remediation, water, sewer, rivers, ports, marinas, harbors, piers​, foundations and other civil engineering applications. Products that we produce and distribute include: Cold-formed sheet piling, hot rolled sheet piling, h-pile, pipe pile, hot rolled structurals, pile points, tie rods and highway guiderail/guardrail systems. We also have a significant inventory of rental sheet piling available across the country.


We have experts in various aspects of the transportation industry – from marine to trucking to rail. Samuel is truly a “one-stop shop” for railcar manufacturing with a full range of products including railcar doors, boxcar floors, uncoupling levers, and roofs.

Custom Forming

Specializing in longer, stronger, and unique products that are not available elsewhere, Samuel’s Custom Forming team manufactures a range of custom products - everything from load-bearing, structural components for marine applications, bridges and parking garages to high-volume flatbed truck fenders, shelving units and sports arena seating.

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Distribution Centers

  • ​New York
  • Ontario
  • California
  • Florida
  • Mississippi
  • Pennsylvania

Value-Added Services

  • ​In-line notching
  • In-line plasma cutting
  • Piercing
  • Punching
  • Brake forming
  • Welding