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​​CAID Industries

CAID is a leading provider of fabrication and precision machining services, mining and mineral processing technologies, engineered systems and automation equipment.

In May 2018, Samuel announced the acquisition of CAID Industries based in Tucson, Arizona. This acquisition has moved Samuel into new market segments and has added advanced capabilities within our manufacturing group of companies. 

CAID solves and delivers products and services for the complex challenges and requirements of our customers by using our vertical integration offering of services (engineering, design, automation, technology, manufacturing, precision machining, integration and maintenance services). CAID was issued a certification designating that all requirements of ISO 9001 have been fulfilled in establishing and applying a quality system for production of cathode assemblies for the mining industry and other manufactured products. 

CAID delivers solutions with the highest quality, on-time, eye-opening innovation and utmost integrity. CAID’s passion for innovation, relentless pursuit of quality and perfection, and total commitment to customer satisfaction are the qualities that allow CAID automation to solve complex manufacturing problems for a wide variety of industries.

Industries CAID automation serves:
  • ​Automation
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace & defence 
  • Energy & renewables 
  • Automotive 
  • Mining 
  • Customer products
Engineered Systems 
CAID engineered systems group understands the value in packaging complex systems into easy to install skid systems. Building modular systems solve many problems including improved quality control, decreased cost, improved reliability and of course the ability to test the system prior to installation. This provides many unique advantages by leveraging the strengths of CAID’s business units into a complete turn key system from engineering and design to fabrication, programming and testing.

CAID specializes in architectural, industrial & repetitive manufacturing fabrication for major industrial projects around the world. Whether you require our design expertise or only require fabrication to your existing plans, CAID has the expertise to make your project a success.

Machining Services
CAID machine shop works with a wide range of materials. At any given time, CAID machines plastics, foam, aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel in most grades. With decades of machining experience, CAID can solve the most technical challenges.

Mining Technology 
CAID has been performing work in the mining and mineral process industry for more than 40 years, assisting our mining customers in solving some of their most complex process issues. Renowned as the world leader in copper cathode production and repair, CAID also provides proven mineral processing systems, equipment, repairs and technical support for the following plant areas:
  • Leaching
  • Solvent extraction
  • Electrorefining & electrowinning
  • Crushing ​
  • Concentration 
  • Pyrometallurgy