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​​​2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our 50+ page corporate responsibility report is a beautiful book we created at the end of 2016 to tell the stories of who we are. As we build upon our legacy and pursue new opportunities, this book reflects on the core values of relationships, responsibility and sustainability that have helped to make Samuel the leading-edge business that it is today - and informs how we want to be regarded in the decades to come. You are welcome to download the English PDF or view it online. 

The Samuel Way

At Samuel, Son & Co., your success is our business. As a leading metals and industrial products manufacturer, processor and distributor, we leverage our industry expertise, breadth of experience and the passion of our people to help drive success for North American business—one customer at a time.

We go beyond quality, price competitiveness, reliability and service. As a strategic supplier, we work collaboratively with our customers to understand their challenges and opportunities, and to develop innovative solutions that create value and meet real business needs.

Our people are the source of our strength, vitality and reputation. We are a team—always moving, improving and getting things done. We focus on doing the right thing for our customers and employees—and we never compromise our integrity. We safeguard our employees’ health and well-being, give back to our communities and demonstrate respect for the environment.

Samuel, Son & Co. Because it’s not just business. It’s family.