Position: Machine Operator – Cut to Length Line
Department: Production
Division: Samuel, Son & Co.
Type: Full-time Hourly
Location: 3635 Francis Cir, Alpharetta , Georgia, USA

Job Description:

Ensure that product processed on the Cut to Length Line (CTL) has been performed in a safe, efficient and quality manner. This position has the overall responsibility of the CTL and how it operates /runs, but specifically, the function of the leveler, product covering, shear operations and the respective paperwork involved with processing product. This position either assists, or provides the guidance and direction for all the other functions of the line, coil transfer, un-coiler, stacker and packaging areas.


This position should be experienced with one of the following machine configurations: Andritz, HerrVoss, Redbud, Rowe, Stamco, and or Vigano.



  • Review material processing paperwork and oversee the retrieval and staging of material to be run on the CTL; this same paperwork will also generate the required PVC / covering and pallets (paperwork system based on AS400)
  • Starting with coils, ensure their staging is in order, coils are transferred to the scale for weight/ thickness confirmation, loaded on the transfer cart and then mounted onto the un-coiler mandrel.
  • Coordinate material feed into the leveler for flattening, then the PVC or paper interleaf, as required are started and the material is fed into the shear. All of the functions through the shear and then the exit conveyors to the stacker are all controlled with a second, main, control panel.
  • Based on the material order paperwork, process material through the leveler and shear constantly observing for any irregularities, both functional and from a quality perspective.
  • On a coil by coil basis, the CTL machine operator will measure length and squareness of product as dictated by either customer requirements and or standards (the thickness of the material, at this point, has already been measured, confirmed and recorded via the coil mounting process)
  • As part of the material processing, the leading edge of the coil and again with the trailing edge will be evaluated for flatness and processed accordingly for scrap as will other issues encountered as the material is being processed
  • Oversee the pallet build list and that the proper pallets are either staged and or built (as required) to enable the material to be palletized based on customer orders.
  • Once the material has been processed and palletized, the CTL machine operator is responsible for strict adherence of product labeling on the pallets as generated by the paperwork from the AS400 and updating the material / order information in AS400
  • Based on needs of the business, will be requested to work in other areas of the facility to support customer demand issues
  • Immediately report any and all non-conformances with material / packaging items, or abnormalities with equipment function(s) to Supervision
  • Ensure a safe, clean working environment
  • Support other operator(s) with general duties associated with the line / equipment
  • Maintain a good work atmosphere
  • Adhere to all health and safety rules / regulations


Position Qualifications

  • Minimum of 2 years experience running a cut to length line.
  • Experience operating Andritz, HerrVoss, Redbud, Rowe, Stamco, and/or Vigano machines required.
  • High School education and or equivalent (GED)
  • Capable of reading, writing and speaking the English language.
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs (22.7kg) maximum occasionally with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 lbs (11.3kg).


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