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At Samuel we value our employees. We believe in building relationships with every single member of the Samuel team. There are many opportunities here, and we want to help you find the one that’s right for you.


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Whether we’re supporting local charities or the global effort to create a greener tomorrow, the Samuel name is synonymous with making a better future for our communities.


With multiple plans to choose from, as well as a range of complimentary health spending accounts, you’re sure to get the best benefits for you and your family.


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Employee Testimonials

Kenneth Li

Kenneth Li

HR Coordinator

My name is Kenneth Li and I am a HR Coordinator at Samuel. My role is an interesting one because it constantly requires me to balance the needs of various teams with t...

My name is Kenneth Li and I am a HR Coordinator at Samuel. My role is an interesting one because it constantly requires me to balance the needs of various teams with the needs of the HR Business Partners I support. This unique position gives me exposure to many areas of the business and many great opportunities to help me grow as a Human Resources professional.

I am grateful to be able work with, and learn from, the most amazing and supportive team. They encourage my desire for growth and they are always available to help me with anything I need. It’s exciting coming into work knowing that my team supports me and is open to new ideas.

As I continue to grow at Samuel, I would love the opportunity to explore other areas of Human Resources, like working on employee engagement programs. This area is of particular interest to me – it falls in between HR and marketing and I would love the opportunity to develop employee engagement and appreciation initiatives.

I have only been out of school for a short time, but Samuel has already taught me that being patient, having an open mind and working hard will bring me great opportunities and help me achieve my goals.

At Samuel, you get to have a meaningful career and work with great people. In fact, I have a personal goal to meet every single Samuel employee and I look forward to achieving it one day!

Stephanie Tuba, OFP/Admin
Graduating from the University of Michigan – Dearborn with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting
Joined Samuel in May 2018

My name is Stephanie Tuba and I work in both the Out for Processing department and the Accounts Payable department at Samuel. I am currently finishing up my last few classes at the University of Michigan – Dearborn, and will be graduating with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting. There are many reasons that I love my job – my management team and co-workers are friendly and supportive and working at Samuel offers so many opportunities for growth. I am very glad to have found a company that supports my education and allows me to use my accounting background. I enjoy being in such a diverse and interesting industry and look forward to growing my career here.

Spencer Young, Stainless Steel and Carbon Purchasing Assistant
Graduated from a Logistics & Supply Chain Management Post-Grad program at Fanshawe College in January 2018; also holds a Business diploma from Fanshawe and a BA from Brock University
Joined Samuel in August 2018

My name is Spencer Young and I am a Purchasing Assistant for the Stainless Steel and Carbon departments at Samuel. One of the things I like most about my job is that I have a clear set of tasks I’m responsible for completing on a daily/weekly basis. However, what is required to complete those tasks is always changing. Whether I’m quoting aluminum extrusions or a job that needs to be processed, what I do on a daily basis is rarely the same.

I also love that my role allows me to help people. If a sales rep comes to me with an order-related issue I find it very rewarding to be able to work with them to find a solution to their problem.

Despite Samuel’s size and scope, we manage to be a very close-knit group. All the departments work together and share resources to make sure everybody hits their goals/targets. The management style is very warm and welcoming, and my training was very thorough. Everyone encourages you to ask questions if you’re unsure about something, and no one gets upset if you do something wrong. Instead, they show you how to fix it and avoid the same mistake in the future.

Whether it’s in the same department, or at a different branch or office, there is vast room for growth and advancement at Samuel. I’ve been with the company for less than a year, but I can see myself developing my career at Samuel and staying here for a very long time.

A Day in the Life...

Ryan Mateyk, Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Recently graduated from University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science and from Niagara College with a postgraduate degree in HR
Joined Samuel in September 2018

My name is Ryan Mateyk and I have been working as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Samuel for about 8 months. On any given day, I can be found:

  • Reaching out to candidates about scheduling interviews
  • Posting our job openings on various job boards
  • Coordinating pre-employment background checks for new hires
    However, as I have searched out additional opportunities to learn and grow, my role has continued to expand. I have:
  • Learned about the different regulations required to hire in Canada vs. the US
  • Implemented new video interview software, a growing trend in recruitment
  • Become one of the leads in our applicant-tracking software implementation
  • Learned about reporting and metrics

This expanded role is just one example of what I love about working here – my manager has placed a lot of trust in me, allowing me to take on a leadership role and work on new projects.

I also love that Samuel is a family-run business. Metal may not be the most glamourous industry, but Samuel more than makes up for that in the way they treat their employees. As a young professional just starting my career I was pleased to discover that Samuel is full of supportive people who want to help you succeed. There are many opportunities to grow and advance at Samuel and this incredible team will help you make the most of them.

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