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Nelson Steel, a division of Samuel


Nelson Steel, a division of Samuel, has provided steel pickling services since 1973. Through the collaborative efforts of our Processing Operations Group and the Consulting & Technology Group, Nelson Steel provides customers with exceptional quality and the latest technology.

At a glance

  • Pickling Operations Group: Pickling, in-line slitting, side trimming and in-line roller leveling. Our stand alone slitter offers narrower slit product and packaging capabilities.
  • Consulting & Technology Group: Custom designs and builds pickling lines and processing sections for hydrochloric acid (HCl) push-pull lines worldwide. The Group builds and installs new complete process sections worldwide and retrofits and revamps push pull and continuous pickling process sections.

Nelson Steel Pickling Operations Group

  • Our facility runs a dedicated, modern pickling line with advanced acid and rinse system, including industry-leading scrubber technology
  • Our location includes a multi-purpose slitting line and packaging line located on-site
  • Repickling Capability, Pickle Dry and Roller Levelling available
  • Location is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Qualified
  • Adheres to strict environmental standards and energy audits -- See Samuel's Environmental Responsibility section
  • Location convenient to major steel mills and other industrial customers & OEMs in Canada or the United States

Nelson Steel Consulting & Technology Group

  • Comprised of a team of experienced personnel who design pickling line processing sections and co-ordinate the complete equipment supply, installation supervision, start-up, and commissioning for new push-pull lines as well as for retrofits and upgrades
  • Consulting and evaluations are available for existing pickling, rinse, fume, wash, and waste water treatment systems
  • Operator and maintenance training/retraining supported by the expertise of our Processing Operations Group
  • Pickling line upgrades and complete pickling line systems have been installed in countries worldwide

Past project locations

• Canada
• Mexico
• Poland
• Egypt
• Brazil
• Thailand
• India