Position: Regional Quality Manager - Automotive
Department: Project Management
Division: Samuel, Son & Co.
Type: Full-time Salaried
Location: Toledo, Ohio, USA

Job Description:


To support the regional V.P. and branch GM"s to ensure that the Samuel Quality Management System  has been  effectively implemented, and maintained in accordance with the direction/guidance  and policies of Corporate Quality Assurance and the applicable international quality standard. This includes compliancy internal/external, ensure that the branches/region 'have an appropriate Measurement Systems Analysis and risk management process that is  consistent with other branches ( best practice), and , that it is effective, and that necessary results are reported and necessary actions  are effectively carried  out, Ensure that the performance of the processes and QMS is monitored, measured and that actions are taken to effectively improve the processes/QMS and that a proactive /preventive approach is in place to drive improvement.


  • As a member of the regional management team, act as the management representative (regional) for the Quality System.
  • Ensure the interpretations and applications of applicable Quality Systems are consistent between branches and compatible with the corporate Quality Policy Manual and 3rd party auditor's requirements.
  • Be the liaison between external parties on matters relating to the Quality System.(Customers/Auditors) 
  • Be the branch liaison reporting to corporate quality assurance on all matters of the QMS performance, compliancy, maintenance and improvement.
  • Work with the Regional V.P. and the management team to ensure that the Quality system and performance indicators have been established, communicated and that an effective monitoring and measurement process is in place.
  • Oversee the Continuous Improvement and Planning processes to ensure projects and plans are effectively planned, implemented and maintained throughout the organization and that all retained information is correctly maintained.
  • Oversee and ensure that the Quality System supports the use of best practices and appropriate (corporate approved) C.I. methodologies to promote continual improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • Report on the performance of the Quality System to management for review and as a basis for improvement.
  • Work with the management team to ensure that the processes have been effectively defined with clear objectives /appropriate indicators that are used to monitor performance and support effective improvement planning. (Examples are trends analysis/on time delivery reports et.)
  • Facilitate the Monthly Quality meetings and Management reviews.
  • Keep senior management abreast of new customer trends and Quality standards and technology.
  • Work with the Quality Assurance reps (by branch) to ensure that the corrective/preventive actions process is effectively maintained, that the performance data is maintained and, that all Quality core competencies have been identified, documented and maintained.
  • Manage and maintain the LAN and intranet Quality System Files and ensure that the documentation information approvals and retained records process /procedure are effectively maintained.
  • Provide support to the Quality Systems Manager U.S.A (corporate)  in matters pertaining to the development, maintenance , implementation and administration of the corporate quality system and the Internal Audit program
  • Schedule, plan and conduct Layered Process Audits as defined in the internal audits procedure, using applicable resources. Reporting results to the process owners and the management team.
  • Ensure all process performance data (MSA) has been identified and that results are analyzed and presented at quality impact meetings and management review.
  • Work with Operations to ensure appropriate/applicable SPC is defined and implemented as part of the monitoring and measuring and analysis process. (Example may include GRR/within part variations, capability studies) and/or as required for a PPAP submission.
  • Ensure that an appropriate PPM based measure is in place to monitor/measure processing capability and defect rates to support continual improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure that action plans have been identified and monitored/measured and reported accordingly.
  • Conduct training sessions as required from corporate/regional management.
  • Provide training /guidance to the branches on Corrective actions applications and procedural application to support an effective root cause analysis application.
  • Facilitate the PFMEA developments and evaluations for the purpose of reporting risk and opportunities.


  • Education/training and/or experience with Quality Systems, quality assurance fundamentals. (College/specialized training programs such as ASQ/AIAG)
  • Previous training /experience and working knowledge as an auditor (min) in an ISO 9001 (or higher) capacity.
  • General understanding of product knowledge (metallurgy)
  • Working knowledge of the AIAG Core tools ( SPC/MSA/PPAP/FMEA and control Plan) AIAG /ASQ certified.
  • Min 3-5 yrs. experience in a supervisory role working in a quality assurance capacity.
  • Previous and proven Project Management Experience particular to implementing Quality Management Systems.
  • Documented education/training in the applicable quality standards employed. (I.e. ISO/QS/TS)
  • Must be have an understanding of various world class C.I. techniques and to perform Formal Problem Solving
  • Must be able to effectively Facilitate/Train Teams/individuals.
  • Familiar with all processes and products in the Ontario Flat rolled Group.
  • Fluent in Microsoft Office  
  • Able to research information and create reports/graphs for analysis. 
  • Able to work as an individual and as part of a team.
  • Able to manage subordinates to meet goals and objectives.

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