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Markets we service include Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and much more.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Metal Markets & Industries

Samuel serves various industrial product markets through our dedicated business groups and manufacturing divisions.

Samuel has been the preferred service channel for a range of markets from the time the company was founded in 1855. Our experience has developed value-added services and products for end-use suppliers in order to satisfy quality, volume, delivery and expenses.

Contact us regarding customization or ​other market requirements.

• Aircraft
• Space Systems
The dynamic aerospace industry is linked to metals and manufacturing worldwide in making aircraft, avionics, business jets, helicopters, aircraft engines, flight simulation equipment, landing gear, and space systems.​

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• Motorized Vehicles 
The automotive industry is one of the world’s most important sectors.  The metals industry supplies a multitude of parts and components for cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles.

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• Enclosures
• Display
• Architecture
• Racking
• Steel Joists
• Doorskin / Metal Doors

Building & construction relates to the infrastructure of buildings -- from houses to office buildings to condominiums to industrial structures.  It requires a broad range of metals products for rebar, pipes, framing / joists and external surface coverings.
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• Pulp & Paper 
• Petrochemical
• Pharmaceutical
The chemical market produces products such as rubber and plastic, textiles, apparel, pulp and paper, and primary metals, as well as pharmaceutical and petrochemical supplies.
Samuel Pressure Vessel Group | Samuel Associated Tube Group | Flat Rolled Steel | Stainless | Aluminum
• Oil & Gas 
• Wind
• Solar
• Biofuels
• Hydro
• Nuclear
• Mining
• Forestry
• Agriculture
• Electrical
Samuel supplies metals and manufacturing to energy markets for mounting systems, inverters, field drilling equipment, solar panels, wind turbines, ethanol vessels and cooling towers, among others.  Mining equipment, hauling rigs, and steel pipe / tube also make up a portion of this supply chain.  Energy markets in turn supply heating, power generation, and other uses worldwide.

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Samuel Associated Tube Group | Copper & Brass
• Food Processing 
• Kitchen Equipment
• Appliance
From home to commercial usage, the appliance industry depends on quality metal components for such items as refrigerators, dish washers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves and other cooking and heating appliances.  Food and beverage processing and storage requires a myriad of products for the preparation of fresh products and manufacturing of prepared food.

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• General Fabrication 
• Machinery
• Furniture/ Fixtures
• Fire Arms
• Screw Machine
• Pumps, Valves, Fittings
• Forging
• Hardware
• Pipe & Tube
• Consumer Goods
Manufacturing industries specific to metals and industrial products include:  (1) Fabrication machinery, which involves bending, cutting, stamping, punching and other processes for metal and other materials. (2) Household and commercial furniture, lighting and kitchen fixtures, which use a range of metal manufactured parts and components. (3) Consumer Goods, which covers broad categories including electronic equipment, office products, packaging and containers, photographic equipment, and sporting goods. (4) The hardware industry which covers a cross-section of end-use products including wire, chains, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, tools, utensils, door hardware, and machine parts.  (5) Pipe and tubular companies who manufacture welded, riveted, seamless pipe and tube to a broad supply chain.

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• InstrumentationFrom wheelchairs to surgical utensils to hospital diagnostic equipment, the medical industry is routinely designing new products with the use of specialized metals.

Samuel Pressure Vessel Group | Flat Rolled Steel | Steel Bar & ERW Tubing | Stainless | Aluminum
• Material Handling 
• Packing Equipment
Metals, plastics, papers and other materials are used to create a range of packaging options.  Samuel locations manufacture a range of packaging products and also support packaging industry operations.

Samuel Packaging Systems Group | Samuel Associated Tube Group | Flat Rolled Steel | Steel Plate
• Pressure Vessels
• Pressure Tanks
• Gas Storage Vessels
• ASME Pressure Tanks/ Vessels
• Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks/ Vessels
• Diving Cylinders
Pressure vessel products, including air receivers, ASME pressure vessels, high pressure tanks, water pressure vessels and pressurized tanks, are used in a variety of industrial and household applications. Industrial pressure vessels are used in mining, air compression, pharmaceutical, diving/ medical hyperbarics, water, DOT/ transportation, chemical & plastics, oil & gas, food & beverage and renewable energy operations.
Samuel Pressure Vessel Group | Flat Rolled Steel | Steel Plate | Stainless | Aluminum

• Distribution Centers 
• Plant Operations
• Processing Centers

Samuel service center divisions supply, inventories, hauls, and provides pre-processing services for other steel and metal service center customers across North America.

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• Marine
• Recreational Equipment
• Bus
• Rail
• Truck
The transport industry has a wide use of metals and industrial products, whether in infrastructure, vehicles or operations.

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• Desalination
• Purification
• Sewage/ Waste Water
Metal components serve as the backbone of operations for public utilities and private companies involved with water treatment.

Samuel Pressure Vessel Group | Flat Rolled Steel | Steel Plate | Stainless | Aluminum