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A Greener Future

The metals industry holds a unique place in the world of environmental responsibility, with metal products now recognized as the “world’s most recycled material”.  Nonferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, nickel and others have the capacity of being recycled infinite times without losing strength or chemical properties. 
The metals industry is also at the core of emerging energy and fuel markets. Manufacturing and supplying to green energy markets is another key component in creating environmental solutions. Carbon, aluminum and stainless steel are the backbones in the production of such products as solar panels, solar mounting systems, inverters, and wind energy turbines. 

At Samuel, Son & Co., Limited, our Wind Energy Division and Solar Energy Division source and supply materials uniquely required within these markets. Our Manufacturing Divisions including Samuel Pressure Vessel Group (SPVG), Associated Tube Group (ATG) and others contribute to the availability of green market products.  For example, SPVG makes vessels for natural gas reclamation where the energy from landfill waste is captured and in turn, is used to power garbage trucks, among other vehicles. Every day, exciting and progressive products are being developed for these emerging markets.
As a company with over 100 locations, Samuel, Son & Co., Limited takes its part seriously in this worldwide effort to enhance and support environmental responsibility. Samuel adheres to a Corporate Health, Safety and Environmental Policy and our green improvements fall under 4 key pillars of environmental responsibility: Technological Progress, Improved Infrastructure, Operational Measures, and Reducing Landfill Waste.
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